Woman Laced Her V@gina With Poison To Kill Cheating Husband

22 year-old Jennifer Bail from Texas put poison on her v@gina to try and kill her cheating husband Raymond.

“I told him don’t f^ck other b^tches behind my back, I bet he won’t do that again”.

The poison was a rat based liquid she found on google that she thought would leave no trace but she was wrong.

His mistress Julia Black stated in court documents why she knew something was wrong after she hadn’t seen Raymond for two weeks.

“He can never resist this shaven p^ssy, and he knows we always f^ck on Thursday”.

Jennifer was arrested and charged with attempted murder and faces 15 years in prison. She is being held on $150,000 bond.

Raymond only had one thing to say about the ordeal …

“I could never trust Jennifer after she gave a gunman a blowj0b … so I cheated on her”.