A redhead teenage boy has launched a controversial lawsuit against his parents this morning, for not preventing his birth, even if they were aware the high probability of his hair being red.

13-year old Liam Murphy, filed a “Wrongful Life” lawsuit against his red-haired parents, alleging that they knew their children would very likely inherit this undesirable trait.

He is demanding the incredible amount of $1.2 million in “pain and suffering”, that is, monetary compensation for the entire experience  as well as $800 000 in “loss of enjoyment of life”.

“My life is a torture!” the young boy told the press outside the courthouse. “People keep calling me ‘G!nger Nut’ and its my parents’ fault! They selfishly decided to have children anyways.”

Liam Murphy’s lawyer, James Franklin O’connor, told reporters that his client’s claim is “incredibly conservative considering the situation”, and says he is confident about the upcoming trial.

The boy’s lawyer told reporters that he personally thought his client could have demanded “at least three times” more than is actual demand, but that the teenager had decided to “go easy” on his parents.

“Both my wife and I have red hair, and it never stopped us from being happy,” the boy’s father told reporters. “But now, some lawyer has convinced my son that it was actually our fault. It’s completely ridiculous!. And seriously, I’m an electrician and my wife is a hairdresser … where does he expect us to find two million dollars?” – Liam’s parents

Both parties should return to court on June 12th for the beginning of the trial, which is expected to attract a lot of attention from the media.