Man banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant for eating too much

Peter Lomax, a former wrestler was banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant, Gobi in Texas after the manager branded him “a greedy pig”.

He would eat five bowls of stir-fry during their regular meals at the Mongolian barbecue, which invites guests to create their own dishes from the buffet.

Diners are told they can request meals “as many times as you wish” for $20.

The manager, who did not want to be named, said he was eating him out of business. He said: “Basically he just comes in and pigs out. We have put up with him for two years but I’ve had enough”.

“He is in such a hurry to beat everyone to the food he spoils everything. We are supposed to be a buffet but he eats everything out of the bowls before people can get there. We just can’t keep doing this.”

He said he drank only water and never paid the optional service charge. He added: “We are not a charity, we’re a business. It’s our restaurant and we can tell people not to come back if we don’t want them to.”

But Mr Lomax, 26, said the restaurant should honor its promotion. He said: “They’ve only got small bowls and you can’t get enough in there so I’m always go back for more”.

“I’ve been eating there for a couple of years now suddenly the owner came to my table in front of all the customers and went absolutely mental. He said I was a greedy pig and I was banned for life. I couldn’t believe it.”