Beauty is in the eye of beholder, or so they say. The idea of that concept is that you may look at something and say it’s beautiful, and someone else may look at that very same thing and say that it’s ugly. It’s all about perception. People are entitled to their own opinions on the matter, and typically it is just that easy.

For anyone who is a parent, they may find that their child or children are some of the most beautiful creations on the face of the planet. A parent is pretty much supposed to feel that way. Have you ever had that friend that can’t go 30 minutes without shoving their cell phone in your face to show you the same photo of their kid that they showed you 50 times already? In their mind, they are so excited and in awe of the beauty of their little creation. In your mind, you might be like “Get that little Shrek out of my face!” You see, perception at its finest.

Well in China, a man sued his wife for birthing ugly children and won $1,000.000! Apparently money can buy the happiness this man wants regardless of family shaming. Or, money can buy the plastic surgery his wife used on her face before she met him, leaving her appearance drastically more attractive in the eye of her beholder. Too bad plastic surgery doesn’t alter genes … yet.