Lesbian Leaves Her Wife for a Man “I’m Tired of Plastic I Need Real Meat”

“The only reason I got with my wife was because she walked, talked, and acted like a Man, but that plastic dild0 ain’t working for me I need that Real Meat”

Said Keshia Pullman on instagram letting her followers know she’s looking for a Real man not an imitation of one.

Her instagram followers voiced their opinions and they were both negative and positive based on gay/straight lines. The LGBT crowd called her a trader but the straight women and men applauded her for deciding to come back home.

“I think I found what I been missing in Jamal he is an alpha male a real man this don’t bleed every month and ain’t pretending he something he’s not, and that d*ck is so good, I don’t see how any woman can settle for that wack @ss dild0 meat, y’all gay hoes better wake up you don’t know what you missin” Ms. WettWett