Donald Trump Say’s “Crackheads Are More Dangerous Than Isis”

“These are not your typical fiends that steal microwaves or TVs. Crackheads are like the X-Men, they’ve evolved! They’re far more advanced and we aren’t sure of what they’re capable of.” – Trump

Recently a portion of a major highway  collapsed after three drug users decided to have a “Night out on the town.” As of now they’re not saying exactly what they did to bring down an entire bridge but experts are confident the truth will reveal itself. The number 1 suspect, Basil Eleby has been arrested 19 times since 1995 is believed to be the leader of the group. Similar to a Quarterback in the NFL he calls all of the shots. Basil admitted to discussing smoking before the bridge collapsed but officials aren’t sure if it was before, during, or both.

Donald Trump comments on the recent “Crackish” behavior in United States.

“These criminals could be more dangerous than foreign criminals… If three of them can take out a bridge imagine if they unite and become an organized group. All for one and one Rock for all. It could be catastrophic”. – Trump