Semen Helps Women Fight Depression and Anxiety, Study Says

For the most part, getting down-and-dirty between the sheets tends to make us pretty happy. While there are a number of reasons why doing the deed makes us feel uplifted, studies have shown that a man’s semen can actually help to alter a woman’s mood.

But why is this so? According to researchers, semen contains a thyrotropin-releasing hormone, which is an antidepressant.

A survey conducted by the State University of New York analyzed the sex lives of 293 women, and compared it to the state of their mental health.

The study concluded that semen contains a range of chemicals that can halt feelings of depression, and help with overall mental well-being.

Researchers found that, out of the women surveyed, the ones who had greater amounts of unprotected s£x, were less depressed than the women that were having protected s£x.

They also found that the women who had greater amounts of unprotected s£x, also performed better on cognitive tests.