A British man has made history today as the first man to legally marry a sheep. 29-year-old Norman Sheer first developed his relationship with Barbara the sheep 4 years ago while he was working on his 240 acre farm in Wales. Millionaire Norman Sheer said “Some people may judge me but I love Barbara and to me love is love and no one can tell me different”.

The news shocked the whole village and the local people stood to protest outside the church where Norman and Barbara were officially married. Some were heard shouting “Save the sheep! Save the sheep!”.

Norman’s family said “Even after receiving hate mail we totally stand by Normans decision to marry Barbara the sheep and people should learn to mind their own business”. They went on to say “Norman is a very caring typical farming man with a lot of love for all animals”.

Animal activist have vowed to stop this by posting animal cruelty petitions on Facebook. The petitions have over 100.000 signitures already. And if they reach 250.000 the House of Parliaments has to openly discuss the case in the Public House.

It has been 2 week into the marriage and Norman and Barbara Sheer look happier than ever. They are currently on their honeymoon in Texas where the say Sheep-Love is the New Trend.

News of the marriage has gone viral on Facebook and many more sheep marriages are expected worldwide.